Running adminconsoleapp on a standalone robot


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Is there a way to run adminconsole on a standalone device that is not a hub? We had this working in UIM v9.0.2 but we are just getting errors in v9.2.0 with MONS-001 When looking at the mps.log it appears to be defaulting to the robot that the adminconsole is on and trying to use that archive.


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Release: 9.2.0

Component: UIMADM (Admin Console)



Use a robot that is a 'child' of/managed by the Primary hub.

Make sure the robot has a copy of the certificate.pem file and the robot.cfg points to its location.

Upgrade all of the AC packages where you have the 9.0.2 versions deployed and working, before upgrading to 9.20 versions.

Deploy the following probes:

1. wasp v9.20 [Configure the full UIM (NimBUS) address of the data_engine probe in the section of the wasp.cfg]
2. mps v9.1.0
3. uimhome v9.20
4. adminconsoleapp v9.20

Test the access to AC by hitting the adminconsoleapp url at:


Additional Information

Note that this has not been tested over a tunnel-to-tunnel->robot connection.

The robot where you install the admin console must also have direct access to the backend UIM database server as well.