CA Deliver - RMOCPP05 Waiting for Checkpoint Message
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CA Deliver - RMOCPP05 Waiting for Checkpoint Message


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The client sees the following messages in their production RMOSTC task:

10.25.01 STC14544  RMOCPT15  Job translation table refreshed   
14.30.46 STC14544 *RMOCPP05  WAITING FOR CHECKPOINT            
14.45.08 STC14544 *RMOCPP05  WAITING FOR CHECKPOINT            
15.23.58 STC14544 *RMOCPP05  WAITING FOR CHECKPOINT            

Are these messages normal?



Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


An RMOCPP05 message indicates that there is a temporary spike in activity with the Deliver checkpoint file, which can cause a wait on its availability.

As long as the messages do not repeat frequently, say within 30 seconds, then it is a temporary condition that clears itself quickly.

The message can be issued, as well, if the volume where the checkpoint resides is being held by some other application.

The client reported that the messages appear almost daily, sometimes around the same time of day.

It turns out that the system, on which this Deliver runs, is "capped" regarding available resources, and that capping of the resources may be what causes the RMOCPP05 message.