Dynamically changing PMAM options
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Dynamically changing PMAM options


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Can PMAM options be dynamically changed? Specifically want to change "Collect Task Wait"  from NO to YES.

If it cannot be changed in PMAM PF10 screen,  can we reassemble #PMOPT with TASKWAIT=YES and then DCMT V PRO *.#PMOPT NC, or does CV need to be recycled?



Release: 19.0

Component: perfmon


First, with regard to your question about PMAM, PF10 to list the Application Monitor Options in Effect, you can change the parameters marked in yellow from YES to NO (but not vice versa). 

This means that the #PMOPT parameters set to YES can be changed to NO (and back to YES) whenever needed. However, a parameter defined with NO cannot be altered.

Second with regard to #PMOPT Vary New Copy, 

A recycle of the CV is required.

The VARY NCI of the #PMOPT load module will work, but will not have any impact, because during CV startup, PERFMON uses the contents of the #PMOPT load module to setup its internal control blocks to use while CV is running.

These internal control blocks cannot be changed dynamically.