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Solaris Agent - Upload of file '../temp/OAAFOBQJ' completed with error


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine



In our logfile there is a block of messages that appear every second from 15:39 to 06:53 of the following day and finally end with the crash of the agent.


20191104/153922.681 - U02000256 Upload of file '/opt/uc4/agent-12.2.3/bin/../temp/OAAFOBQJ.TXT' started.
20191104/153922.703 - U02000258 Upload of file '/opt/uc4/agent-12.2.3/bin/../temp/OAAFOBQJ.TXT' completed with error, reason '2 - No such file or directory'.



The error appears to be a permission issue.

If the job is running as root user then the ini needs the following entry without comment


The agent needs to be started as root user 

There are two methods to start the agent with root privileges:

  1. Start the agent directly under the user root.

  2. Define root as owner, assign the group where the start user has to be a member of, set the execute bit for the group and set the SetUID (s-bit) for the agent file owner.


    • chown root ucxjlx6
    • chgrp admin ucxjlx6
    • chmod 4550


Release :

Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE 12.2

Solaris Agent: 12.2.3


The Agent binaries were already owned by root user.

Enabling setuid fixed the issue.