PAMSC(EP) r14.1: The problem after apply DE428775 or PAMSC r14.1 CP02
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PAMSC(EP) r14.1: The problem after apply DE428775 or PAMSC r14.1 CP02


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC) CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


After apply DE428775 -14.1 CP02 build 1265 or 12.81 build 3555 system can hang after start from 1 hour up to multiple days.
Symptoms include sluggish responses and failure to login from console or ssh and can report “Bad ELF” on system libraries in the messages file.
for example,
Problem 1:
  All  OS command cannot execute as following error:
   -bash: /bin/ls : /lib64/
     bad ELF interpreter: no such file or directory
 And also, nobody access via remote or console to server.
Problem 2:
  In /var/log/secure, following error is recorded:
  pam_unix(crond:account): helper binary execve failed: Bad file descriptor
Problem 3:
   DHCP ACK does not return at DHCPREQUEST.
   So, lease was ended and IP address was lost.


Release : 14.1



The internal PAMSC memory table gets full due to a mismatch in the way allocation and freeing of the resource is done.

Due to which all system call starts failing leading to a complete system freeze.

This problem may occur at Linux Kernel 3.x and start from including fix in Aug 2019.

Resolution is provided for this problem.

If you need this fix, please open case and request it.

Additional Information

Current workaround:

 - restart seosd every day.

 - If DE428775 is applied, remove this hotfix.


This problem may occur at Linux Kernel 3.x.  so, all Linux system which has kernel 3.x, such as RHEL 7.x, SUSE, Ubuntu or so, has possibility of this problem.

Also, this problem may occur on PIM r12.8 SP1(3555 and up) and fixed by DE444596 in r12.8 SP1 CP03.
Please upgrade PIM r12.8 SP1 CP03 for this problem.