Rally: How to find SSL certificate being used and who signed it when accessing Rally


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Hi Team,

Could you please let us know who signed the SSL certificate for Rally? Otherwise, guide us how we can gather this information.

Rally URL: https://rally1.rallydev.com







The SSL certificate for Rally is signed by Digicert.  This information can be found in a Chrome browser with the following steps:

1. Navigate to rally1.rallydev.com in a Chrome browser

2. Click on the "Lock" icon next to the rally1.rallydev.com URL at the top of the page in the URL entry box.

3. From the menu dropdown, select Certificate

4.  Click on the certificate for Rally to display the certificate information.

I will attach a screenshot of the certificate display.  

If the 'View Certificate" button is greyed out, click on the "Details" tab to see the details.  The information for the certificate at the bottom of the trust list is shown on the "details" tab. 


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