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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


Customer reported the following:


Some old alerts generated by OPS/MVS seem to be sent again to Spectrum console after NetMaster restarts.


In the Alert Monitor Interface (/PARMS group $AM ALERTS) we have these parameters set with these values:


Clear? ..........YES            TCP/IP Inact ............WAIT

Alerts  .......... ALL             Forward on Update? YES


Can we work with these parameters to avoid the reported situation?





OS : z/OS

Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP




NetMaster Level 2 Support explained:

There is no staging of alerts. All alerts are handled at the time when the alert has been created--either 

internally by NetMaster or externally via whatever source that is (OPS/MVS in this case).    Everything 

happens in real-time. So OPS/MVS (for whatever reason) decided to create an alert and send to Net-

Master at that moment in time.   

NetMaster Level 2 Support also explained  (about 3 /PARMS group $AM ALERTS parms mentioned):

Clear specifies whether to forward cleared alerts. Valid values are: 

YES - Alerts for cleared alert events      are forwarded

NO - Alerts for cleared alert events are not forwarded


Simply put: Clear means closed.  So if a user closes an alert from the Alert Monitor    then that closed 

alert will either be forwarded or not based upon YES or NO setting. 


This parm is necessary for those situations where alerts are forwarded to another       Event Manager 

and that Event Manager must keep track of open and closed alerts.  


Alerts specifies how to handle alerts that were generated before alert forwarding was enabled.  Valid 

values are: 

NEW - New alerts are    forwarded only

ALL - Current alerts and new alerts are forwarded


The default is NEW as in a typical scenario--the Alert Forwarder would be started during region   INIT 

and at that point in time there would be no ACTIVE alerts.


By specifying ALL that typically means that the customer is updating and actioning the ALERT   parm 

group while NetMaster has been up and running--therefore there might be active alerts on the    Alert 

Monitor where it is desired that these alerts be forwarded to the nominated place.    


ALL - All current alerts. This means it behaves just like when the Alert Monitor display is               first 

entered--all of those alerts are forwarded.  


So normally the value of NEW will always suffice because it will be started before all alerts are creat-

ed during region INIT--but if a new Forwarder is created then ALL allows for sending all current Alert 

Monitor alerts.


Forward on Update specifies whether to perform alert forwarding when alerts are updated and when

they are created. Valid values are:                                     

YES - Alert updates      are forwarded

NO - Alert updates are not forwarded    


Given that the Alert Monitor allows a user to change severity of alert--or add notes--this parm   allows 

the updated alert to be forwarded to nominated place with the updated alert.