CA View - At DR, Forcing Output to Tape
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CA View - At DR, Forcing Output to Tape


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Is there a way to force output on disk to tape? 

We want to test tape processing in DR, but as there are no current tapes, reports must first be written to tape.

Once the reports are written to tape, there will then be a recall of those reports as part of the test.



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


From the View Sysout Selection List or using SARBCH, there is no ability to write a disk report to tape.

In this instance, with the client at DR and using tape for the first time, their solution is to run a View backup.

In SDSF, command "/F sarstc,NEW" can be issued, and View will run a backup and write reports to a new tape.

Setting SARINIT TBACKUP=YES, will write reports to tape.
The reports written would be those that were never written to tape before.