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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES



A robot is deployed to a server.  The robot appears in Infrastructure Manager, but does not appear in the UMP USM porlet inventory.

The discovery_server log shows the device is discovered correctly:

Line 24403: 21 Nov 2019 04:08:39,234 [hubWorker-3] INFO com.nimsoft.discovery.server.nimbus.scan.NewOrMissingRobotDeviceExpeditor - Publishing robot device /<doman>/<hub>/<robot> / <robot IP address> to high priority queue

but the robot never appears in the inventory.

The following was performed to try and get the new robot added to the UMP USM inventory with no success:

- Checked the excluded_server.csv list and there are no entries for the <robot name> or <robot IP address> in this file.

- Stopped the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service on the robot, delted the niscache direcotry and restart the service

- Tried deleting the robot from the CM_NIMBUS_ROBOT & CM_DEVICE tables and redeploy the robot to the system.


The current device_id of the robot appears to have been assigned to a different robot and that device_id, found in the excluded_devices.csv file was causing the discovery_server to exclude discovery of the device.  From the discovery_server log at loglevel 5 we see the following:

24 Nov 2019 21:21:30,882 [probeTask-2] DEBUG - Skipping excluded DeviceId: DBC133AFEDB9B6E5126F61F617F0A1838


UIM Release : 8.51 or earlier



Delete the entry from the excluded_devices.csv file with the dev_id entry that matches the one that the discovery_server probe is excluding.  To assure that the correct device id is assigned to the new robot, clear the niscache directory on the robot including removing the .robot_device_id file, restart the robot, then restart the discovery_server