Unable to edit user


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CA API Developer Portal


Unable to edit user


Users with the following conditions cannot be edited.

. User Type : Developer

. The organization of the  page 2 is selected in "Select Organization and Role". (Page 1 organization not selected)


Reproduction procedure

01. create user (User Type : Developer)

02. create organization (More than 10 :  "Select Organization and Role" should have more than a pages)   

03. Edit the user,   in "Select Organization and Role" uncheck all Organizations from page1 and check any Organization from page2.

04. click save.

05. Edit the user again.

06. change  "State *" in "User Details". (ex enable to diable).


The Save button is no longer valid. (Unable to edit user)


Release : 4.3.2

Component : API PORTAL


Workaround :

1. don't modify any thing on user detail page (page 1) yet, (assume the current "State *" is enabled)

2. click Next button to show organization and role, click next page until you see the current assigned org and role

3. click Previous button to show user detail again, now you can modify any user detail (eg. change current "State *" to disabled), and the Save button is still available and you can save the change.