Oracle - the database is Not Available in CSA on a new install, do we need listener


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are attempting to build a brand new environment. The Oracle Database has been set up. The server information has been entered into the CSA application, 
but it cannot find the DB (it states Not Available). There is something about CSA Listener in some of the documentation, but we are unsure if this is talking about the Oracle Listener 
created when Oracle was set up or of this is a special one built by some PPM install process. 


Release : All applicable Clarity versions


Our application does not install anything on the Oracle server. There is no listener on our side, we simply use an installed and configured Oracle schema with a working TNS listener.

I would suggest proceeding as follows:

0. Verify you followed all the steps in the documentation (below)

1. Ensure you are able to connect to the Oracle database with SQL developer/SQL plus

2. If this works, ping the Oracle database server from the Clarity server

3. If this works, install SQL plus or SQL developer on the Clarity server and attempt connecting.

4. One other thing you can do is use the IP instead of the database servername in CSA to eliminate any DNS issue


The Clarity Oracle database configuration is here:

Section Configure a PPM Database with Oracle

Follow the steps until the section "New! Limited CA Support is Available for Oracle Multitenant"

Ensure you have set up the listener, this is a service on the Oracle server side. The instructions is also included in the same section.

After making the change and ensuring the listener is up and running, re-fresh the page in CSA and see if you see a difference.