UIM hp_3par configure resource tree Detached section is empty


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


When a device resource item is removed, such as a disk, a self monitoring alarm is generated, and the device is supposed to be but is not being added to the detached section. 


The Detached folder must be enabled via a raw configure key. 


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM- HP_3PAR


The Detached folder only works for static profiles and does not work when templates are used. 

Additional Information

To enable the Detached folder go to hp_3par raw configure > setup > add key:
name: show_detached_configuration 
value: true
Apply > OK > deactivate > activate

When templates are used the number of alarms generated can be reduced via these raw configure keys:
raw configure > setup > add key:
enable_self_monitoring_alarm = false
enable_self_monitoring_alarm_aggregation = false
enable_self_monitoring_alarm_same_error_suppression = true
Apply > OK > deactivate > activate