New UX(Assignments Tab)- ETC TSV update considers all values as days and multiplies by 8


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1. From the Classic UX, under Administration, Project Management, Settings, General, configure 'Default Display Unit for Work Effort' to be 'Days'.
2. Go to Modern UX 
3. Display the ASSIGNMENTS module for projects by configuring it through Blueprints 
4. Create a Project, and add a labor team member 
5. Create a task for a duration of 1 month and assign the staff member 
6. Navigate to ASSIGNMENTS tab, and display ETC as a TSV
     View Options: PER-PERIOD METRICS = ETC, PERIODS = Months 
6. From the Avatar, Click on SETTINGS, GENERAL.  Set UNIT OF MEASURE =  FTE
7. Provide "1" as the input for one of the monthly periods. Notice how it changes to 8 (1*8) 
8. From the Avatar, Click on SETTINGS, GENERAL.  Set UNIT OF MEASURE =  Hours
   Notice how the value now changes to 1344 which is 8 (working hours) * 21 (working days) * 8 (additional number)
9. Change the value in this one period to 8. Notice how it changes to 64 (8*8)

Actual Result: In Step 6, there should not be a change to 8, and in step 8, the multiplication should be working hours * working days, without the additional multiplication with 8.
Expected Result: Entries get multiplied by an unnecessary 8


This is caused by DE51973


Release: 15.7

Component: Modern UX


Workaround: From Classic UX, Administration, Project Management, Settings General, configure 'Default Display Unit for Work Effort' to be 'Hours'.


This is fixed within and 15.8

Additional Information

The TSV PER-PERIOD METRICS values are exponentially displayed when the Classic Administration Project Management Work Effort Settings are configured for 'Days' instead of 'Hours'. 

The steps below illustrate the issue in the ASSIGNMENTS TSV cells for ETC and ACTUALS.  However, this behavior impacts all TSV work effort fields in STAFF, ASSIGNMENTS, ROADMAPS.