Heading difference between Gen 7.0 and Gen 8.6 COM proxy ASP page for repeating group view
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Heading difference between Gen 7.0 and Gen 8.6 COM proxy ASP page for repeating group view


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We found some differences in the display of a repeating group view header in the COM Proxy ASP UI after upgrade from CA Gen 7.0 to 8.6.

Gen 7.0

Gen 8.6


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Generator, Proxy


The Server PStep has a repeating group view with multiple views for the same entity Product and attribute Code within it so the heading name for each of those views is the same i.e. Product.
The behaviour in Gen 7.0 was that the generated sample .asp file displayed just the Product heading once which was subsequently deemed as being misleading and incorrect. It was changed in the Gen 7.6 PTF GEN76056/RO10718 for corresponding problem CGGENP #81:




If the same entity view is used twice in a row, the page will display
the first view name followed by all the attribute names for both
entity views. This makes it appear that all the attributes belong to
the first view.

The page that is generated for the proxy sample applications can be



This generator change cannot be reverted so the workaround is to manually change the Gen 8.6 .asp file to force the UI behaviour to be the same as Gen 7.0

CA Gen 7.0 <Server>.asp file:
Contains this single line where n is the number of entity views inside the repeating group view
response.write "<TD nowrap colspan=" & vbQuote & n & vbQuote & "><h3>Product</h3></TD>"

CA Gen 8.6 <Server>.asp file:
Contains these multiple lines repeated n times
response.write "<TD nowrap colspan=" & vbQuote & 1 & vbQuote & "><h3>Product</h3></TD>"

If all lines bar one are deleted and the remaining line is changed to match the 7.0 line above then that will give the required behaviour.