Can the UIM models in the 'UIM Unreported Inventory' container be configured to auto-delete?


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CA Spectrum


The integration with Unified Infrastructure Management has the ability to synchronize VMware models
  populated from the VMware probe to Spectrum. Typically these models will be populated in the UIM Inventory
  container under the Universe. When models are no longer reported in the Sync from UIM they are moved from
  the UIM Inventory container to the 'UIM Unreported Inventory' container. This allows an administrator to
  evaluate if the models are still required.


Customer has a requirement to auto-delete the UIM Unreported Inventory.  Using the Delete button (UIM Manager)
  on each sync is not an option for them as they would probably have to do multiple times a day.

Delete Unreported Entities Delete button on the UIM Manager



Release : 10.3 / 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


At the current time, users need to manually click the 'Delete' button under the UIM Manager
  model for 'Delete Unreported Entities'. Spectrum does not have an option to automatically
  delete these models. This however may change in future releases.