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Rally: PYRAL with APIKey - Can not connect with Proxy


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


I am unable to set up a connection using PYRAL using our proxy server. 

Can you share any documentation on the required setup to use PYRAL with a proxy connection?

import sys

import os

from pyral import Rally, rallyWorkset


os.environ['HTTPS_PROXY'] = ''

options = [arg for arg in sys.argv[1:] if arg.startswith('--')]

args    = [arg for arg in sys.argv[1:] if arg not in options]

print (args)


server, user, password, apikey, workspace, project = rallyWorkset(options)

rally = Rally(server='', apikey='xxx')




APIKey  = _xxxxx

#USER   = [email protected]

#PASSWORD = ve8y-secr3T

#WORKSPACE = My Trial Workspace

#PROJECT = Project 1



This is out of the scope of what we support, but I find a couple of articles that may be helpful to you.  They are not Rally articles, but they looked very similar to what you were doing - and they are from reputable sites:

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