UVMS: information to use under telemetry configuration
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UVMS: information to use under telemetry configuration


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When upgrading UVMS to 6.10.x or superior a Popup appears when login via UVC to UVMS about the fact that the "Telemetry" needs to be configured.

Which parameter values should I configure under the UVMS Node Settings -Telemetry?


Release : 6.10.x, 7.x



Telemetry Section was introduced in UVMS 6.10.01


If your Company hasn't signed a PLA for the product Dollar Universe, then you should switch the value for the variable "Enable PLA" from '<empty>' to No to avoid the annoying message upon connection with UVC:

Enable PLA - No

Alternatively, you can add the line: <var id="PLA_ENABLED">N</var> to the file <UVMS>/data/values.xml.


As for your Enterprise site id corresponding to your Account, it is not necessary, but you can obtain it by a Global Customer Assistance Case by calling the support Phone number.

In any case, there will be two .csv files that will be generated in the data folder of the UVMS, those will contain the Telemetry details.


No data will be sent to Broadcom without your consent / you enabling the proxy parameters for the PLA.


From version UVMS 6.10.01 until 6.10.41 the product would send the usage to https://api.segment.io URL (server api.segment.io and port 443)

Since UVMS version 6.10.51 and superior (7.x included), the product sends the usage to https://telemetry.broadcom.com URL (server telemetry.broadcom.com and port 443).

Since version 7.00.11 of UVMS, the Telemetry has changed and UVMS doesn't send anymore the information by itself. There will be a Rest server deployed with UVMS that the PUC (another tool the customer can install) that will do the job.
This is documented here :

  • Starting from this release, Telemetry in Dollar Universe supports the product usage endpoint for the Product Usage Collector (PUC) to view and retrieve your license entitlement consumption. For more information, see Product Usage Collector.