When trap source IP address is found on multiple devices in Spectrum all devices with the IP receive the alert


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  • Traps received from IP addresses that are shared between devices, but from non-management addresses are asserted on all devices.   
  • Is there some other criteria or additional comparison criteria to avoid this duplication of events (and erroneous alarms)? 



Release : 10.2.3+

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


  • Introduced new device attribute UseRPAForTrapProcessing (0x13369) in Spectrum Server 10.2.3 that enables use of the Redundancy Preferred Address (RPA) (0x12d84) list instead of the DeviceIPAddressList (0x12a53) for processing traps. 
  • This allows devices to be configured to excluded IPs from trap processing. 
  • IPs that are in the Redundancy Excluded Address (REA) (0x12d85) List, are not included in the RPA list and therefore do not participate in trap processing. 

  • This functionality is disabled by default, setting UseRPAForTrapProcessing=TRUE enables it. 

  • As part of this change, non-global (link-local, site-local, and so on) IPv6 attributes are also excluded from trap processing.

Additional Information

This device attribute was added in Spectrum Server 10.2.3:

UseRPAForTrapProcessing (0x13369)