TDM Portal Connection Profiles not shared in GT Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


During the configuration, we integrated both the Portal and Datamaker with LDAP.

Prior to the integration,  configured some connection profiles under the Administrator user and would like to re-use them. 

Did not find the re-use option in Datamaker, so used the share connection profile in the Portal.

Noticed that the other users can see the connection profiles in the Portal, but the profiles are not shown in the Datamaker.

Is there anything missing? Why this does not appear in Datamaker?

Is there anything that needs to be configured in order for the profiles to be replicated to Datamaker as well, as it did in previous versions of TDM?



Release :

Component : CA Test Data Manager - TDM Web Portal


It really shares the connection profiles among users in the same group in the Portal, but does not share with Datamaker.

However, found a work-around to do it:

Open Datamaker with the user that created the Connection Profiles;
Select Security --> Users and Groups menu option and provide the credentials again;
Select Security --> Groups --> in the tree in the left side pane;
Click the Profiles tab;
Click the “Add new profile” icon;
Select the desired profile and click OK.
Close Datamaker and log with a user under the group.