shared drive path or file ticket attachment using Attach URL does not display the directory or file


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For incidents, change orders and other tickets, it is possible to use "Attach URL" and specify an invalid URL. In that case, clicking on the resulting hyperlink in the Attachment List does not display the directory or file.

Examples of "invalid" URL's are:

  • an incorrect URL
  • a URL prefixed with "file://"
  • a shared drive path, with or without a file name 

Different types of web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome) or different versions within the same type of web browser may give different results when clicking on the invalid URL. 

Note that copying/pasting the an invalid URL in a new web browser tab may work because it would not be in the context of the Service Desk Manager web interface.



Per the product design specification, the context of "Attach URL" is either http or https.


Release : 17.1, 17.2



Only specify http or https URL's when using "Attach URL". That is, only specify URL's that are prefixed with either http:// or https://

Additional Information

An example of where to find "Attach URL":

"Attach URL" is available in the "Attachments" subtab of the "Additional Information" tab of an Incident ticket as shown below.