How do we get HIDRO to mount tapes on LUMINEX
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How do we get HIDRO to mount tapes on LUMINEX


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VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


We are running HIDRO 02.8 RS1309 on a z9 on z/VM 6.3.  We use VM:Tape to manage the tape library. The virtual tapes that HIDRO creates are on a Luminex that are replicated to a second site. At that second site, we are running z/VM 7.1. We have successfully done a TAPE LOAD from virtual tape of the VMIMAGE 191 disk onto the z/VM 7.1 system. 

We have attached all the TAPE and DASD to the virtual machine that has the TAPE LOAD image of the VMIMAGE 191. I ran the "DRESTORE"  to read the RESTCMDS file and restore the volumes. We notice that HIDRO never gets moving to read the tapes or restore the volumes.

In order to get HIDRO to read the tapes and restore the volumes, what am I missing here? 



Release : 2.8

Component : CA VM:Backup for z/VM

Luminex devices


I see these messages :

VMIMAGE:   1 SYBWTO019O 11:56:36 MOUNT tape L01359 on unit 0A10 (v0180) R/O 

VMIMAGE:                Ready tape drive or reply C to Cancel task:         

VMIMAGE:   3 SYBTPL040O Tape 01361  on unit 0A12 is incorrect volume  


It seems like Luminex is not mounting the correct tape. 


Two parts:
Luminex not mounting correct tape and Luminex staff had to install the “HIDRO EXIT” onto the Luminex servers.

HiDRO PTF RO96969 also required for Luminex mounts.