PIM(EP) r12.8 SP1: password update fail with special char via selang


Article ID: 140554


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


 When password which contains'^1' is updated via selang,
 it cannot update login information.
 So, login failed with new password.
 User checked some pattern and he found following password was failed.

  Pass^12rd or so.


The cause of the problem is that that function changes certain combinations of characters on encoding and messes up that kind of password since ^1 combination is one of those combinations.


Release : 12.8

Component : CA ControlMinder - Unix

OS: RHEL 6.4


T5C1167 is provided.

Please contact support to get it.

Additional Information

Reproduce steps is here:

Following token change in seos.ini.

   passwd_distribution_encryption_mode = 3

   passwd_local_encryption_method = sha512

 1. change password with ^12sword for test user via selang  

 2. try login via ssh with new password.

Expected Results:

  success login with new password, ^12sword.

Actual Results:

  failed login.