"version" column of a time event child task's child task kicked off via activate_uc_object shows as -1


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Looking at the "version" column of a time event child task's child task kicked off via activate_uc_object, it shows -1 for the version.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a Time Event, EVNT.TIME
2) Set the following in event:
   Frequency: Repeatedly
   Activate in intervals of 1 minutes
   First Activation: immediately
3) In the Event Process have:
   :set &ret# = activate_uc_object('scri.versions')
4) Create script object called scri.versions that simply has:
   :p "hello world"
5) Run Event object
6) Go to executions for event object, add Versions Column
7) Expand execution for "parent" event object, right-click one of the child event processes, choose "Child task executions" -> This should show executions for scri.versions
Expected behavior: Version column for the script object execution should show the same version as the version of scri.versions
Actual behavior: Version column for the script objecct execution shows '-1'


Release : 12.3.0, 12.3.1


Release: 12.3.0, 12.3.1

Component: AWI



note the runid of the child child (scri) execution, go to executions for the scri itself and look for that runid - versions shows correctly here

Resolution: Behavior is currently being verified internally, more updates will come in the future