Rally - License data is invalid error when syncing license
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Rally - License data is invalid error when syncing license


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Rally On-Premise


After clicking the "Sync License" button, the following error is displayed:

Unable to sync license: License data is invalid.


Release : 2.0

Component : Rally On-Premise


Incorrect license file format

License files intended for the 2.0 platform will end in an RLI extension.  If you are using a file that ends in an ASC extension, it is intended for the previous on-premise platform.  In this situation, provisioning will need to provide a license file intended for the new platform.  It is not sufficient to rename the extension to RLI.


Corrupt or modified license file

Each license file has a public key embedded at the end that is used as a checksum to ensure that the license file is valid.  When the license is synched, the contents of the license are checked against this key to ensure that the file is not corrupt and has not been tampered with.  If a single character in the license file differs from what the public key expects, then this error can be displayed when trying to synchronize the license.


  • Ensure that the license file is compatible with the target platform; RLI files are required for 2.0 whereas ASC files are intended for 2018.1 and earlier.
  • Ensure that no alterations have been made to the license file.
  • Try saving the license file received from provisioning again and ensure your upload to the on-premises server is completing successfully.

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