MSSQL only : some jobs time out after 600 min (How to set and check remote_query_timeout on MSSQL)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We notice some of the long running jobs time out after few hours. What could be causing this? 


Release : All Supported Clarity releases with MSSQL (Sql Server) 


This is caused by remote_query_timeout setting is not set up as per the Install Guide, it should be set to 0 (unlimited). This is a required setting for Clarity to properly work. 


To check the setting in SQL Management Studio UI 

1. Open SQL Management Studio - right-click on the Server Name - Properties

2. Go to Connections

3. See the setting for Remote Query Timeout, it should be 0

To change it modify and save

To check the current setting with a query:

Connect to the database (master as sa) and run:

sp_configure 'remote query timeout (s)'

To set the setting as required, run:

sp_configure 'remote query timeout',0 reconfigure with override