Discovering devices with shared IP addresses in Performance Management
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Discovering devices with shared IP addresses in Performance Management


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Discovering devices that have shared IP addresses in DX NetOps Performance Management

Trying to discover and monitor/manage a pair of Cisco Cat 65xx Virtual Switches. One is an idle standby for the other. They share IP addresses and don't have unique management IP addresses.

Discovering a new device and the Discovery Profile shows it's already an existing discovered device in the History results. The device shown has a different name and IP Address. Reviewing that device in the Data Aggregator (DA) Monitored Devices Inventory entry, the new device's IP is seen as a shared IP from its ipAddress MIB table data.

Can devices be discovered in the Data Aggregator when their IP Address is a shared one appearing in other Device IP Address tables?

Running discovery with logging this message is seen in the logging. It states the new IP with discovery run against it is the duplicate, and that the device item it would have generated will be deleted.

This device is considered as a dup device of <itemID_existingDevice>/<IP_existingDevice). It will be deleted.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


An already discovered device has the new device's IP address in its ipAddress table as a shared IP address.

Without unique management IP addresses to communicate with, Performance Management cannot reliably or accurately discover and manage the two devices.


Ensure the devices management IP used for discovery isn't also used as a shared IP in another device's ipAddress table.

Once the IPs are unique between the devices take the following steps to resolve the issue. This example shows as the existing discovered device IP. It shows as the new device IP, the one with its IP listed in's ipTable data.

  1. Rediscover the IP device after the shared IP for is removed from its ipAddress MIB table.
  2. Post successful rediscovery, confirm the shared IP is no longer seen in the IP Address entries.
    1. Go to Administration->Monitored Items Management->Monitored Devices.
    2. Search for and select the item for to show its Details tab.
    3. Expand the "IP/MAC Addresses" section.
    4. Confirm the is no longer listed.
  3. Discover the IP device again.

If the isn't removed from the ipTables info on, or that change is seen in MIB data but isn't picked up by rediscovery, open a new support case for investigation.

Only after the change is seen in DA inventory details for the devices can we expect the new device discovery to succeed.

Additional Information

There is no way to reliably and accurately discover devices configured in this way in Performance Management. To do so would require an Enhancement Request ER) that is submitted, approved, and implemented to provide this function. Submit a support case referencing this KB article to request an ER submission.