Discovering devices that have shared IP addresses in DX NetOps Performance Management


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Trying to discover and monitor/manage a pair of Cisco Cat 65xx Virtual Switches. One is an idle standby for the other. They share IP addresses and don't have unique management IP addresses.

Discovering a new device and the Discovery Profile shows it's already an existing discovered device in the History results. The device shown is a different name and IP Address.

Can devices be discovered in the Data Aggregator when their IP Address is a shared one appearing in other Device IP Address tables?


Without unique management IP addresses to communicate with there is no ability for Performance Management to reliably or accurately discover and manage the two devices.


All supported Performance Management releases


There is no way to reliably and accurately discover devices configured in this way in Performance Management.

To do so would require an Enhancement Request that is submitted, approved and implemented to provide this function.

Alternatively if the devices have unique managed IP addresses and host names, they should be able to be individually discovered and polled in Performance Management.