Rally: How to install a community application if the community applications are not turned on for the subscription


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


User is getting an error when trying to add the Custom Chart community application to a custom page.  When pushing the "add" button for the application, the following error appears "Your subscription administrator may enable community apps in the subscription settings."





The reason the application is receiving the error message is because "Community Apps" are not turned on in the Subscription.  Here is a link explaining how Subscription Administrators can turn on community apps:  https://docs.ca.com/en-us/ca-agile-central/saas/community-app-catalog


For this particular community application, there was also a GitHub option for the application.

In order to install it the GitHub version of this application, perform the following steps:

  1. On your dashboard or a custom page, add the "Custom HTML" app from the App Catalog.
  2. Click on the "GitHub" option under the application.
  3. Select the "deploy" folder.
  4. Select App-uncompressed.html (Or App.txt)
  5. The html doc will appear.  Select the "Raw" button in the top right of the doc to view the raw html.
  6. Copy all the code.
  7. Paste the code into the HTML section of the Custom HTML app. and <Save>.

See this video for a walkthrough on adding a custom app