For CA Gen upgrade how to get the TILPARMS member from the last release JCL to the new release JCL library?


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In the process of upgrading the CA Gen Host Encyclopedia.  We want to start with our current release variables that were used for configuration. The configuration file, TILPARMS, is in the current release JCL library.   It is unclear on exactly how the last release TILPARMS is used to configure the new HE.



Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Host Encyclopedia(CGHE)  CA Gen Host Installation(CGINST)  CA z/OS Implementation Toolset(CGMVSI)


Two Methods:

1.  When doing the TSO %CEINSTAL or %ITINSTAL with the new Gen release libraries allocated to the session, select opt 1, opt 1.  

     Enter the current Gen release  HLQ (high level qualifier).

     F6 = SAVE then F3 out.  Select opt 12 to retrieve variables from external dataset.  All the current Gen release parms will be populated.

     Now go back to opt 1 to change the HLQ to what will be used for the new Gen release and save.  

     You are now ready to go thru each option to verify parameters.


2.  Since the JCL library has to be created BEFORE the %CEINSTAL  or %ITINSTAL is done,  an alternate way is to copy the current Gen release JCL(TILPARMS) to the new Gen release JCL library.  

     In CEINSTAL, select opt 1 and opt 1 and enter the new Gen release HLQ.  Then do opt 12 to retrieve the variables from external dataset.  

     After all parameters have been verified, save JCL(TILPARMS) - (opt 11) to an external dataset which would be the new Gen release JCL(TILPARMS).