SYSPLEX display shows only local member sometimes


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In the SYSPLEX panel (option 1.1), in some instances all members of the data sharing group are displayed (correct behaviour), and in others only  the local members of the group are displayed. What determines which data sharing members are displayed on this panel? All data collectors are up, and they all specify DATA-SHARING=YES.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for DB for z/OS


Adding the DC-GROUP parameter in the individual Datacollector (DC's) ssidSYSP sysparm member. Each Data Collector(DC ) in the group will have the same value. This value should differ from the actual DB2 datasharing group name, but be the same value as the dbloc(1st) parameter in the APPLS member for the DC's in the particular group. After the change, the collectors need to be recycled.