Re-committing Contract to change the effective dates
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Re-committing Contract to change the effective dates


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CA Business Service Insight


Does the changing of a contract's effective date have any implications for recalculation?


CA Business Service Insight Release : 8.35


When recommitting the contract with a new effective date will this involve any changes to metric definitions? If this is the case, then there will certainly be a recalculation.

The impact in terms of CPU of recalculating 6 months of data, however, will vary enormously depending on how intensive these metrics are - if you go to the Administration -> ACE Management -> ACE Instance Management page, the volume of recalculation will be visible.

To confirm, the recalculation should be automatic for any metrics that need it upon the change being made; no further action is required here. As long as the database is well-specified it should not be necessary to remove any data before doing this - configuration of the purge rules for older data would be an independent operation that should be considered based on the volume of data and age, rather than because a six-month recalculation is planned.