java_jre doesn't take into account until restarting the robot


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how does java_jre deployment work when java probes are deployed in UIM


Release : 9.x

Component : java_jre


This is how the java_jre probe deployment works -

1. You are deploying a java based probe (say jvm_monitor) and java_jre probe is not already deployed on the robot.

 - In this case, the java_jre probe will be deployed internally and manual restart of robot is not required. jvm_monitor probe starts successfully.


2. You have manually deployed java_jre probe first and then deployed jvm_monitor probe.

 - Manual restart of robot not required. jvm_monitor probe starts successfully.


3. java_jre probe is already deployed on robot and a higher version of java_jre probe is present in the archive. You are deploying jvm_monitor probe.

 - java_jre probe will not deployed once again. jvm_monitor probe starts successfully.


4. Both java_jre and jvm_monitor are already deployed and running successfully. You deployed a higher version of java_jre probe.

 - As soon as another version of java_jre is deployed, jvm_monitor probe will turn red. You need to manually restart the robot.