Aggregate values for Policy Server Average Response Time are not available in investigator


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We have installed APM for SSO on Policy Server. We are able to see average response time and response per interval for individual calls. 

Example : Login/IsProtected/Authorize/Logout/Validate 

Could you please let us know "Is this possible to get average response time of policy server for all the calls"?



The aggregate metrics are provided by calculators which are generated on the Enterprise Managers. These calculators was not prseent on the collectors in the clsuter.


Release : 10.x

Component : APM Enterprise Manager


These aggegated metrics should be present by default - see the doc section

The documentation for APM for SSO does contain instructions for installation of the Management Module

However it is not explict how the process should be followed in a cluster environment as the package contains other support files in addition to the Management Module jar file.

The documentationfor the Enterprise Manager does cover cluster environments

see the section at the bottom "Deploying Extension Files in a Cluster Environment"

The ext/SMM_EMExt.jar had only been loaded on the MOM, once this had also been copied to the corresponding location on the collectors the metrics then started reporting