Automic JCP/JWP/REST : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
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Automic JCP/JWP/REST : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After starting Java Worker Processes / Java Communication Processes (JCP/JWP), or during normal usage, the JCP/JWP fails with the following in the log:

Found the below lines:

20191107/061523.953 - 47     U00045014 Exception 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: "Java heap space"' at 'org.postgresql.util.PGbytea.toBytesHexEscaped():37'.
20191107/061523.956 - 47     U00003620 Routine 'com.automic.kernel.impl.DefaultExceptionHandler' forces trace because of error.
20191107/061523.963 - 47     U00003450 The TRACE file was opened with the switches '0000000000000000'.
20191107/061524.362 - 47     U00003449 Output to the TRACE file is finished.

Other errors that may show:

U00045014 Exception 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: "Java heap space"' at 'org.apache.lucene.util.ArrayUtil.grow():354'.
U00045014 Exception 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: "Java heap space"' at ''.


Release : 12.3



Listed within the documentation, the recommendation is:

java -Xmx2G -jar ucsrvjp.jar -Iucsrv.ini -svc%port% -rest (JCP)

java -Xmx2G -jar ucsrvjp.jar -Iucsrv.ini -svc%port% (JWP)

This error could appear when there is less memory allocated to JCP's in your environment.

To resolve this error, you have to increase Java memory for JCP's on Linux.

Follow below steps for increasing JAVA memory.

1. Go to Service Manager installer Location

2. Open SMD file. (file name: uc4.Smd)

3. Increase the java memory for JCP to 2048 (which is recommend for medium configuration systems). Java Memory can be increased up to 4GB

ABCD\java -Xrs -Xmx2048M -jar ucsrvjp.jar -HOSTNAME

4. Save the file and exit

5. Now Restart on service manager is required to reflect the changes.

This recommendation is for low/moderate usage; in larger or more active systems, these values may need to be increased per sizing.

Doublecheck after updating that a line shows up with the correct size of memory:
U02000110 Maximum Heap Memory: '4096' MB

as there are some older versions of Java that don't allow more than 1820 MB