Determining Release and Maintenance Level of Easytrieve 6.4 CAILIB


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CA Easytrieve Report Generator


Is there a way to identify the actual load modules in the Easytrieve 6.4 CAILIB?



Release : 6.4

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator


The following load modules are eye catchers for Easytrieve  6.4.


EZTPA02 and EZTPC06 both have genlevel eyecatchers.
EZTPA02 -- CA-EASYTRIEVE PLUS-6.4 0311             
EZTPC06 -- CA-EASYTRIEVE PLUS 6.4 0311             


When a CA Easytrieve program is run, the listing gives two dates, one when the program was compiled and the load    
module was created, and a second date when the program was run.            
Browse the member EZTPA02 in the CAILIB and do a find on 'easy' to
determine the release/genlevel in the CAILIB.  

Additional Information

With Easytrieve 6.4, eye catchers within the modules was limited. With Easytrieve r11.6, every module has the r116 eye catcher.