What etautil command can be used to add multiple Oracle Roles?
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What etautil command can be used to add multiple Oracle Roles?


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Etautil is a provisioning server command utility that can be used to apply  roles and privileges to and endpoint using a command line syntax.  The Oracle Etautil Conventions are documented in the product documentation (link below)






Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Users can have one or more roles granted to them, passing several types of privileges in the process. However, not all the roles are enabled when a user creates a session. Only the roles defined as default are enabled. The following command can be used to add two roles and set them as default role:

etautil.exe -u admin_name -p password -d im update 'eTORAAccountContainerName=Accounts,eTORADirectoryName=Endpoint_Name,eTNamespaceName=Oracle Server' eTORAAccount eTORAAccountName=Account_Name to +eTORAUserRole=Role_Name1 +eTORAUserRole=Role_Name2 +eTORADefaultRole=Role_Name1 +eTORADefaultRole=Role_Name2