Getting GSVX205E Nucleus load failed, reason 29 in GSS procedure


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CA SYSVIEW Performance Management


Upgrading to SYSVIEW 16.0 and getting the message in GSS syslog:  "+GSVX205E (API.OPSOSF) Nucleus load failed, reason 29 subsystem is not initialized. Start SYSVIEW". 

The message is coming from GSSPROC. This message is only showing on one lpar. This lpar was just Ipled this weekend.

SYSVIEW was upgraded on this lpar the same day as the two other lpars. They haven't been Ipled since the upgrade.

SYSVIEW was fully up before GSSPROC started.



CA SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


In fact, the GSS procedure was not pointing to the correct library of SYSVIEW r16.0.

Adding a STEPLIB to the GSS procedure pointing to the correct SYSVIEW Load Library (16.0) resolved the problem.