CAL2SM01W Area: HIS DBID: 0770 Full: 97.03% DSN: AFSD.CA7.DEVL.DCDEVL.HIS770


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CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition


Receiving message CAL2SM01W Area: HIS DBID: 0770 Full: 97.03% DSN: AFSD.CA7.DEVL.DCDEVL.HIS770 in the CA 7 Started Task.  Allocated it with 10 cylinders, 1 extent and 16 volumes.  Will it keep taking extents or will it eventually reach 100% and CA7 stop working.  It currently has used 21 cylinders on one volume


Release : 12.0

Component : CA-7


Did you explicitly specify the 16 volumes or did you just use SMS and code a volume count of 16?

Also, if you do a TSO 3.2 against the dataset, how many volumes and extents does it show allocated?

Yes, CA 7 will stop working if space is exhausted in the current extents and there are no more volumes and/or extents available to dynamically extend. It may be a good idea to do the on-demand extend.

The following commands to dynamically extend the work areas will not affect CA7 as they goes against the Datacom MUF.
These commands will not change the original allocation amounts, but only gives you addtional 100 extents. 
The permanent solution is to increase the actual allocation of these areas via the  AL2DCA40 job.

F mufjobname,DYNAMIC_EXTEND 770,HIS,100,CYL


F mufjobname,DYNAMIC_EXTEND 770,HIL,100,CYL

Alternatively you can submit the commands in batch by running DBUTLTY with the following input: