MSP Project Wont Open from Clarity - hangs on opening XML step intermittently


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  1. For one user, one Clarity project or program won't open in Microsoft Project (MSP) intermittently or it takes a long time to open.
  2. It hangs on opening XML step. 
  3. The below error message is then seen when trying to open the project after the issue occurs:

"The last time you opened <project> it caused a serious error. Do you want to open it again"?




Release : 15.6



  1. Check to ensure the user’s MSP New Driver, MSP Version, and MSP Project Updates, Framework are all compatible with the Clarity PPM version.
  2. Check to see if the there are any other differences between the user with the user with the issue and other users (IE VPN, office location,  machine setup)
  3. See if increasing the java memory limit to 800 using the steps in KB: 30712 helps
  4. Reimaging can help to remove the symptoms (this helped for at least one customer so far)
  5. If no issues are found to point to root cause, please contact Broadcom support.

Additional Information

  1. Reference: MSP: "The last time you opened 'ProjectID' it caused a serious error" when attempting to open a project from Clarity (140119)
  2. If the above doesn't solve your issue, see the following KB ID: 138671 - Issues opening one or more projects in MSP from Clarity PPM - List of Known KBs

       3. For other related MSP CA PPM issues:

  • CA PPM and MSP integration - List of Knowledge Documents (KB000071385)
  • CA PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index (KB000015956)