Replicate Relationships from GT Datamaker to GT Subset


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


installing and configuring Test Data Manager version 4.8.1.

The first database was a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database with a small amount of tables, with no relationship among them.

Created a new project in GT Datamaker and Registered all the tables, and after created the links between each pair of tables.

The relationship appear correctly in Datamaker.

Wanted to create the subset scripts, according to a given filter. So, for this, used the option to open GT Subset directly for the project and the tool opened correctly.

However, noticed that the relationships created previously in GT Datamaker didn't show up in GT Subset.

There is no menu option to bring the relationships from the repository, so creatde all the relationships again.

Is it possible to create the relationships only once and all the tools are able to use them, pulling the information from the repository?



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Component : CA Test Data Manager


From GTSubset you can copy custom relationships from Datamaker to GTSubset and vise versa.

Bring up GTSubset and choose Utilities --> Copy Relationships.