Clarity: Wrong Link sent in Jaspersoft reports with "Send link to repository by email" option


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When we use the option Send link to repository by email, either by Schedule or Run Now, the link sent by email is wrong and does not point to our Jaspersoft environment


Steps we use:

1. Go to Advanced Reporting - Schedule a report (or Run Now)

2. Check Send link to repository by email

3. Run

4. The email is sent with a wrong link to localhost:8090 instead of the Clarity URL 


We checked the properties.xml and it looks good, identical to the other environment. Also checked all servers and see no issues in config.



This can happen due to below reasons 

  1. If your entryUrl or sslEntryUrl in the CSA is not set correctly. 
  2. externalUrl should be correctly set if your clarity set up is done with SSO
  3. Clarity notification uses entryUrl/sslEntryUrl/externalUrl for generating the notifications 
  4. Also Jasperadmin user in Jaspersoft stores all these values in a encrypted format and if any changes made in your CSA/properties.xml you should run the command admin update jasperParameters


Release : All applicable Clarity releases with Jaspersoft



A wrong value is saved in the encrypted attributes on the Jaspersoft server.

We should reset those attributes. This will require a short downtime for reports.

Here are the steps:

1. Connect to Jaspersoft Console as superuser

2. Go to Users

3. Find jasperadmin user for this tenant (not to confuse with ppmjasperadmin or jasperadmin for other tenants)

4. Select it, note the encrypted attributes it holds. This user holds the connection details it uses to run reports and connect.

5. Click Edit

6. Go to Attributes tab

7. Delete all the attributes

8. Click Save

9. Now on the Clarity server, run the command:

admin update jasperParameters

This will update the jasperadmin parameters from the properties.xml

Now you can test and it should work well. No Jaspersoft restart is required.