How to find attribute on the object when name does not match what is shown in the UI


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Clarity PPM On Premise


I have a lookup which needs to have more values added but I cannot find the attribute or lookup which needs updating.


On the Views tab you can rename the attribute so it does not match between the Object/Attributes tab and what is shown in the UI.


Release : 15.4

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


Get the field name you see in the UI, then go to the associated Object (project, idea..) under Administration/Studio and go to the Views Tab.

If the field is on the properties page (not list page) click on the Fields column on the first line

It is easier to do a browser search here (ctrl f) and look for the name you see in the UI.

There Attribute column will have the actual name of the attribute you see under the Attributes Tab.

Here if you need to see the associated lookup you can open the attribute and it will show the name of the lookup.