IDM Application server memory heap Capacity Planning
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IDM Application server memory heap Capacity Planning


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Is there a method or a recommended formula/method based on which we can calculate the heap size?


Release : 14.3, 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


There is not a calculation that can be run to determine a recommendation for Heap size.  This is due to the many varying factors of IDM and its components use and load. 

For example., the below is not a comprehensive list but items that could have an effect on heap size determination.

# Create User Tasks
# Modify User Tasks
# Terminate User Tasks
# Re-Hire User Tasks
# Delete User Tasks
# Access request (Roles, Groups, Attributes etc.) Tasks
# Endpoint Account Change Tasks
# Self Service modify Profile Tasks
# Password Changes (front end) Tasks
# Password Changes (Password Sync Agent) Tasks
# of WF process
# of Bulk Tasks
# of Bulk Tasks per day
# of Bulk Loader Tasks per day (HR Feed)
# of Admin Tasks managed per year (create/modify/delete)
# of Policy Xpress polices managed per year (create/modify/delete)
# of Roles managed per year (create/modify/delete)(Provisioning Roles, Admin Roles, Access Roles)
# of groups managed per year (create/modify/delete)
# of Explore & Correlate operations per day
# of Synchronize User tasks per day
# of Synchronize User with Roles per day
# of Days to Persist Tasks in Runtime Database
# of Days to Persist Tasks in TP Archive Database
# of Days to Persist Audit Data
# of Snapshot Types
# of Snapshots Retained Before Overwrite
Total Reports Generated Per Day
#of Days Reports Will Persist in Report Database
# of Environments

My recommendation is to set heap as discussed in the tuning guide on your test environments.  Through load testing on your test systems determine what Java heap for Websphere is best for your site and IMAG solution use case.

If you need more detailed analysis and heap recommendations, please contact your Broadcom Account team to engage one of our partners.  They can do an environmental and use review to help determine recommendations for heap size.