How to publish the Occurrences attribute and value from Spectrum to SOI
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How to publish the Occurrences attribute and value from Spectrum to SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) CA Spectrum


When same alert in Spectrum gets updated its Occurrence value gets change. How can the"Occurrence" property and its value can be publish to SOI?


SOI Release: 4.2

Spectrum : 10.x


Here are the procedure on how to publish the "Occurrences" property and its value to SOI. You'll have configure the Spectrum connector policies and configuration file in SOI UI for this to work.

Note: Anytime the "Occurrences" value is changed the "Last Updated" column with reflect the current data and time.

- On your Spectrum connector save a copy and edit CA\SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\spectrum_policy.xml. Add following lines before </Format> tag. See also screen shot below

  <Field conditional="Occurrences" output="Occurrences" format="{0}" input="Occurrences" />

  <Field conditional='Occurrences' output='userAttribute9' format='{0}' input='Occurrences' />

- Append "Occurrences" to publishcache Field type inside <Write> section. See screen shot below

  Note: The userAttribute9 above is used as an example. There are 10 user attribute (1-10) and you'll have find and use one that is not used for any other purpose. So you need to decide first which empty (not used) user attribute you want to use              because later on in the procedure we'll be renaming this to "Occurrences" and add a new column to the Alert console.


- On your Spectrum connector save a copy and edit CA\SOI\resources\Configurations\SpectrumIM\AdditionalAttributes.xml file and add the following line in <Alarms> section

   <Attribute id="0x11fc5" name="Occurrences"/>   


- Recycle the CA SOI Integration Services on the Spectrum connector machine for the above changes to take affect.

- Go to your SOI UI server, save a copy then edit  \CA\SOI\SamUI\webapps\sam\WEB-INF\alarm\config\column-userDefined9-config.xml. We are editing this file because as mentioned in the above note section we are using userAttribute9 as                  example to rename it to "Occurrence" and to add the column to the SOI console. 

- Change only one line in the file between the Name tag (see screen shot)

  from   <name></name>

  to: <name>Occurrences</name>


- Save the file and recycle the CA SOI User Interface Server service. Close and reopen the SOI console.

- On the SOI console Alert tab right click on any column header to add a new column and select "Occurrences", this'll add a new column (see screen shot below)


- Now any new Spectrum alert with multiple occurrences will show up on SOI with its value and the Last Updated column will show the date and time the occurrence of the alert happened.