MAS SDK 2.00.00 iOS - App Distribution issue


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Problem description: 

When using version 2.00.00 of Mobile SDK in iOS, it is no longer possible to distribute app in XCode 11.2.

The steps at the following url were used to installl version 2.00.00 of the SDK:

Unfortunately, the link to the SDK still points to 1.9 so the following url was used to get v2:

Please find the attached log.

Here is a potential explanation of what might be causing the issue:

We've tested linking the app and not embedding which fixes the distribution issue but the app no longer runs (image not found error).



Release : 2.0

Component : MOBILE API


In the build phases, we moved the
architecture removal Run Script to the bottom in sequence so it was after the
Embed Frameworks Build Phase.

Additional Information

We generally ship the universal binary in our release which includes all architectures that support both Devices and Simulators.
The problem is Apple looks for Simulator archs and errors out while making an ipa.
We documented the steps here (look at step 10)
which removes the simulator architectures from the binary and to get past that error.

You can also do this with few commands as described here : 


1574072842064__IDEDistribution.standard.log get_app