Spectrum/mysql/data/reporting size is getting increased more than 90%


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CA Spectrum


We have received an alarm in OneClick that says "Spectrum/mysql/data/reporting size is getting increased more than 90%"


When we check the disk space we can see the alarm is true.


Spectrum/mysql/data/reporting is consuming disk size more than 90%.


/dev/mapper/data-lv_opt   450G  446G  4.6G  99% /opt


[[email protected] reporting]# du -h

424G    .


Also we have checked most of the space eaten by (-rw-r-----. 1 spectrum spectrum  14G Nov 14 23:24 event#P#EVENT_P219.ibd)

seems .ibd files are not getting processed correctly.. or something else. please have a look into this on priority. 




During the event purge the event data is deleted from the partitions but the disk space is not getting released.


Release : 10.3.x, 10.2.x

Component : CA Spectrum - Reporting


This issue is fixed out of the box in Spectrum 10.3.2 and newer.

For Spectrum 10.3.0  this solution is included in 10.3.0_BMP_10.3.003

For Spectrum 10.2.3 this solution is included in  10.2.3_BMP_10.2.303

Defect: DE404003

Symptom: The disk space is not released for the old event table partitions on the SRM server.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and the disk space is now released for the old event table partitions on SRM server.

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Link to BMP Patch fixes for 10.3.0