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Duplicate Pingable Models Automatically Being Deleted by Discovery


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


When discovering a device that already has the same IP address as an existing pingable model, an event similar to the following is seen:

Device <devicename> of type Host_Device is created with an IP address ( already used by another model.



When this happens, Spectrum is deleting the existing pingable model. Is there a way to stop this pingable model from being deleted?




Release : 10.x


Depending on the type of device, Spectrum will delete the duplicate pingables if they are created before the Host_Device so you don’t have “duplicates”. If the pingables are discovered after the Host_devices, the existing Host_devices won't be deleted.

The "Allowed Shared IP Addresses" setting under the VNM Attributes tab has no effect on this behavior.  

If a pingable device must exist with a duplicate IP address, the “solution/workaround” is to discover the Pingable after the SNMP capable model has already been created.

Additional Information

The Share IP Detection and Alarming VNA attributes documented here only affect alarming, not discoveries: