Unable to issue a start with REINIT for Cleanup for RACF - missing ETCL111I


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CA Cleanup


After applying maintenance to Cleanup for RACF, message ETCL111I is no longer issued at startup 


Release : 12.1

Component : CA Cleanup for RACF


SO08742 causes the REINIT process to be bypassed.

Notes in Problem description for SO08742 state...

NOTE: This sysmod also addresses the problem of Cleanup re-setting   

====    its hooks on a restart with TAMZ for RACF or CEM hooks already 

             active and driving Cleanup. Re-setting its hooks in that       

             environment leads to a loop between exit code.                 

             This change effectively removes the REINIT startup parm and    

             automatic REINIT processing.                                   

             As a result of this change, any updates to the AT8#GBL module  

            will require an IPL to implement.                              

Additional Information

The requirement for an IPL instead of reinit is temporary.

The code will be re-engineered to allow the REINIT request in the future.

There is no ETA currently available.