CA Performance Management (CAPM) is not updating certain device changes from Spectrum


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When some devices in CA Spectrum are upgraded, the changes are not reflected in CAPM.

For example, updating a Cisco 3750 switch to 3850 or from 2900 to 3650, CAPM doesn't update the change.


CAPM  3.7.x or later
Spectrum 10.4.x or later


There are two points here:

  1. When discovering the device (for example, the Cisco 3750) in Spectrum, then the device syncs over to CAPM and gets added to the discovery profile and is successfully discovered.  It is now in CAPM, and is being polled.

  2. The 3750  is upgraded to a 3850 and that change is reflected in Spectrum
    - We do not have auto-rediscovery based on a change on the device in CAPM
    - We will not push down the IP of the Spectrum device to the data aggregator unless the device doesn't exist on the DA - in this scenario it does, it was discovered as a 3750
    - We don't push device changes from Spectrum to DA.

The way to resolve this issue is to do a new discovery in CAPM, to re-discover the device(s) in question

Additional Information

To discover your environment you can setup IP ranges in your discovery profile.  Here is documentation on how to set that up:

Broadcom TechDocs : DX NetOps 20.2 - CAPM - Discovery Profiles