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I am trying to understand how we will interact with servicenow.  We would like to share the performance data collected via our robots to servicenow.  The documents I have found discuss using the gateway but that was for alarms.  Are there any documents on how we would pass the performance metrics?


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Release : 8.51



In UIM, we have the ability to pull in data from SQL or REST and we can launch out from DX OI as well with a lot of flexibility. But such an integration as described, is not delivered 'out of the box' at this time for QOS/performance metrics. That said, ServiceNow does provide integration options so it looks like it's quite possible. For example:

Collect raw metric information from a custom metric connector instance


If you select the link above you will see the requirements for integration. The integration consists of establishing a connection and lists some other options to accomplish such an integration. You can customize a pull metric connector to collect raw metric information from an external source.

It may also be worth posting a message to the UIM/DX Infrastructure Community as well:


The custom metric connector would have to:

1. Use the uimapi Get/metrics function and get the data pay in either xml or json

2. Parse the returned data and create a RawMetric record/object

3. Use the handleMetric function to add the raw metric info to be processed.

So it comes down to writing the JavaScript custom metric connector to do that.